Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Catch Up Post

Good morning, haven't been blogging as nothing much going on here unless you count the quantity of tissues being used. Eric came back from Wales with a cold and kindly passed it on to me.  I ended up with a nasty cough with the streaming nose which is finally easing.

The days have been pretty ordinary as boating goes with no boating planned until after the winter we're sitting here being buffeted by the wind and rainy weather. We've managed to get Ben the dog to do a short walk every day but it's not being easy getting him off the boat. We moved to a pier where there's a large area to land on but he's not interested in jumping off so often has to be lifted onto the pier. Walks are pretty wobbly as are his movements on the boat but he's coping,  his appointment is on Tuesday at Leahurst and hopefully they will be able to help him.

We're enjoying our nice new carpet although Ben has already christened when he was sick but it soon cleaned up. He must have eaten his food too quickly as he soon ate the refilled bowl of food  and was ok. It's good not having a puddle under the bed from the leaky calorifier.......but we still check when we put the bed away for the day. We could leave it out but the five foot width restricts the passageway.

Nothing else happening other than the usual household chores, washing, cooking, cleaning as well as the filling and emptying. Ironing is a very rare occasion! We've been shopping in Ellesmere and Whitchurch to keep the cupboard, fridge and freezer well stocked.

The fuel pump at Whixall Marina is now set at 60/40 and 94p a litre which means unless the office is open  (usually 9-10am 4-5pm Wednesday to Friday and 9-10am 3.30-4.30pm on Saturday) you have no choice if you need fuel. 

Quite a few new faces in the marina, some are new residential moorers others here for the Winter because at least you have water, electricity, pump out or elsan at hand as well as a supply of coal, wood, gas and kindling when the office is open. There's also showers, toilets and a laundry which is more than you get on a CaRT winter mooring. Welcome to the new's great to see some new faces as we've always got something to talk about being boaters.

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