Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Up With The Lark

It's been chaotic so far this week. On Monday morning we had to be up early at the Beta engineer was due at  nine and we needed to get all the storage boxes off the back of the boat and take up the engine boards  ready for the 250 hour service and leak finding. In the afternoon Eric went to King's Lock Chandlery to get a new calorifier as ours had developed a leak and they're cheaper there than at Midland Chandlers for the same type and size.

On Tuesday morning we had to be up again as the carpet fitters were due at nine and we needed to clear the stuff at floor level. They arrived on time and two hours later we had a nice clean, new carpet  which felt very nice under my feet. Supplied and fitted by  the carpet shop in Ellesmere. 

Today we had to up again as the calorifier was being fitted and we had no idea when the engineer was coming. He came at midday so we could have had a lie in. We now have water without needed to mop up under the bed. It wasn't a quick job as the new calorifier needed different connections  and it involved engine and central heating connections to the twin coils, but it's done now.

In the afternoon we took Ben to the vet for a referral back to University of Liverpool Small Animal Hospital at Leahurst, which is currently being arranged. Hopefully they can help him.

Tomorrow we're definately having a lie in!!

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