Tuesday, October 06, 2015

'The Sky Is Falling Down'

On Monday Eric waited to cruise the narrows to Llangollen Visitor Moorings while  I walked ahead to check for boats, all clear so I rang him to say it was OK to come through. There was a space which was the place we always stopped when we moored up here for the winter so we filled it up. We have an overhead oak tree hence the title......acorns are falling on the boat,  which make me thing of the story of Chicken Licken where an acorn fell on his head and he thought the sky was falling down!
Today we went for a walk along the towpath towards the Horseshoe Falls, and back into town to get some bread and milk. The washing machine has worked overtime as we're on shoreline on a working bollard and paying £6 a day for the privilege so I am getting my money worth. Lunch was Panini's and lattes at Fouzi's in Llangollen where we ate on the outside tables as we had Ben the dog to help us finish our food.

At the moment we have lots of rain falling down, hammering on the roof as well as acorns and the  hire boats are still whizzing by making waves, obviously some crew with no idea of going slow.

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