Friday, October 23, 2015

House Clearance In Newport

After a very hectic ten days in Newport clearing and cleaning my dad's house, it's finally up for sale. You just don't realise how much stuff can be accumulated in a lifetime living in the same house. My dad certainly  didn't throw much away.At least on a boat there's just no room to keep loads of stuff.

We're back home to the boat tomorrow with a 250 hour engine service arranged for Monday and with water leaks to sort the Beta engineer will be busy. On Tuesday a new carpet is being fitted  so Ben and I will go for a walk to get out of the way. Hopefully our leaky calorifier has been fixed temporarily by Plumbers Mait until we can get a suitable replacement. We shut the water off and crossed our fingers. 

Ben has had a wobbly week in Newport not coping well with the stairs, I've had to help him up and down holding onto his harness. He finds smooth surfaces difficult too, his one leg seems to slide and he overbalances. He's much more wobbly although some days are better than others. He's definitely having Bambi on ice moments and finds it difficult to turn around.A visit to the vet for a check up although it worries me that the meningoencephalitis Ben had eighteen months ago was only picked up by the neurologist. 

Goodnight, it's way past my bedtime!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hello you two!
I am playing blog catch up once again. It's funny how most people don't realize a narrow boat requires updating and repair inside and out just like a house only on a smaller scale. Bendigedig must feel sweet and cosy--all ready for winter then.
Stay well and keep warm!
Jaq and Les xx

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les,

Lovely to hear from you. Yes the boat badly needed a new clean carpet, after nine years and Eric loves his arm chair which means I get the settee to myself when Ben the dog isn't stretched out on it, Good luck with the knees!

Love and cwtches ( cuddles in welsh) Elsie & Eric x