Thursday, October 08, 2015

Crossing The Border- Back In England

Looking back across Chirk Aqueduct to Chirk Tunnel

Ben and I walked  for half an hour from Whitehouse through the tunnel with the boat as far as Chirk Tunnel. He wasn't too keen to walk through a tunnel but with coaxing he did it.  We waited for a couple of boats to come through  Chirk Tunnel before it was our turn.  Across Chirk Aqueduct and the sign read 'Welcome to England'. A pleasant cruise with nothing ahead or following us and no queues at the locks which was good news.

The last two locks of the season to do and then we moored up below  New Marton Locks as Eric had some more painting he planned to do - undercoating the gunnels on the towpath side obviously. A very small area of roof has had it's sandpaper scraped off as it has rusted underneath, primed and undercoated but it's a big job so it's going to take some time.

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