Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Back In Whixall Marina

We arrived back at Whixall Marina after a very pleasant cruise on Sunday afternoon, the last cruise of the year. Ben the dog wouldn't jump onto the pier  as the boat next to us had gone which meant if he missed he would be in the water, so had to be lifted which was going to cause a problem. Luckily we were able to swap moorings to one with a bigger area of pontoon at the bow so with some coaxing we got him back into jumping off fairly happily if you don't count the growl as he jumps.

Yesterday we went to Ikea looking for a new chair which would go through our narrow fronts, we had 22 inches/56 cms width to get through and we  found a chair which Eric said would fit and it did although the size of the box would have defeated us without the load space of a Freelander. The chair is called Strandmon  and much more comfortable than the Poang chairs we had but takes up more room than a Poang, but as we replaced two chairs for one we're ok.

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