Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Onwards To Ellesmere

We spent last night  near Hampton Bank  which turned out to be a very quiet spot. Eric did a bit more sanding, rust treating and priming making our boat rather spotty.  Today we cruised for two hours to moor on the arm at Ellesmere. A boat passed us by on the way and asked 'Where's Ben the dog?' so I take it they read my blog. 

Firstly we had shopping in mind as the cupboards and fridge needed food. We also arranged for the boat to be measured for new carpet .....after nearly nine years the carpet needed replacing.  I also had to replace the radio as it ended up in the washing up bowl full of water when Eric did a little crashing due to the strong side weirs at the locks entrances. A replacement FM radio £9 in Tesco's didn't break the bank.

The coal boat just gone by to moor at the end of the arm so he's the bringing us a couple of bags of coal in his wheelbarrow.Just lit the's chilly tonight.

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