Thursday, September 17, 2015

Onwards And Upwards To Wheaton Aston

The weather forecast was torrential rain but I am very glad to say we missed it. Leaving Bridge 8 moorings the sky looked a bit dark over Wolverhampton but as we headed north we were treated to sunshine. Ben and I walked as far as Brewood, some of it was mud larking in one cutting but it soon washed off my boots and Ben stayed remarkably clean.

At Brewood we left Ben on the boat and went to get milk and some lovely filled rolls from the bakery. Arriving back at the boat to find Ben barking and howling, we'd only been gone half an hour!  We left the radio on but he obviously didn't want to be left home alone.

It's dark and dismal in the cutting at Brewood so we decided to move on towards Wheaton Aston with just one lock before the services which were totally deserted. Eric pulled in near the Elsan point and we did the usual filling and emptying. New recycling bins for mixed dry recyclables are popping up along the cut in the refuse disposal areas which makes it easier to recycle.

The mooring just after the water points was free so we pulled in and moored up for an overnight stop. Eric found the dot in the sky.Usually there's no room and we have to moor under trees after Turners', where the diesel is cheaper than anywhere  else. Tomorrow we'll top up the fuel tank and then continue our journey to Norbury Junction.

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