Friday, September 04, 2015

On The Staffs & Worcs Canal

We left Wheaton Aston and headed towards Brewood to stop and shop as we didn't want to stay overnight under all the trees. Ben the dog came shopping too and waited with Eric  next to a very convenient bench which Eric sat down on, while I did the shopping. I wanted a steak and kidney pie from the butchers' shop for our tea. I bought some freshly made ham and salad rolls in the bakery for our lunch too. Shopping done we continued to the visitor moorings at Bridge 8 for an overnight stop. 

This morning we headed down the Shroppie to Autherly Junction and there a decision was made. We decided against a trip to Stourport and river travel  due to my concerns about Eric and his cracked rib. On the canals I know we'll be fine but other factors are involved on rivers. So we're quite happily mooching along in familiar territory towards Great Haywood. We've got water beneath the boat and the peace and quiet of the countryside so it doesn't really matter to us where we are.

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