Friday, September 18, 2015

No Room At Goldstone Wharf.......Some Lovely Historic Boats

Yesterday we cruised from Wheaton Aston to Norbury Junction where there was plenty of room to moor. Today was a different story, we planned to stop at Goldstone Wharf but the Visitor Moorings were full with a collection of historic boats moored two abreast. We continued on own way and stopped at Tyrley Visitor Moorings where there was plenty of room.


Amy said...

They're all assembling for a wedding convoy at the weekend!

Amy NB

Elsie said...

We wondered what was going on.

John Lane said...

Some fabulous NBs, great to see our heritage so well preserved

Elsie said...

Hi John, we do still lots of historic boats, some are still being used as working boats delivering fuel and coal to boats on the system.