Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Batteries Then Up Hurleston Lockss

As we had to be at the boatyard at 8.30am we were up at 7.30am to be washed and dressed and  in the basin waiting for the engineer to come. Eric had to reverse up to the end of the Nantwich Basin  but he  managed it without crashing! Waiting for a few hours as he had an unexpected problem with a dayboat to sort of first. We were just thinking of the lie in we could have had. While we waited we had take out of bacon rolls and coffee from the cafe in the basin........delicious too with plenty of basin. There's also a small shop useful for bread and milk when you don't want the trek into Nantwich.

He arrived replaced the 4 x 135 ah  batteries with  4 x 110 ah ones as the bigger ones were £200 more expensive and more difficult to top up in the limited space. Our boat originally had 110's so there was no problem with the wiring.  Bill paid we were on our way heading for the Llangollen Canal.

Coming through the bridge below Hurleston it was very windy and if course a small boat was moored in the centre of the moorings. It was a fight against the wind to get in the bottom lock mouth but  Eric managed it. We went up the flight, the lock keeper stayed up the top as usual. He noted the boat name on his sheet as part of a boat count, so CaRT know where we are.

It's wild and windy as we head for God's country........Wales of course. We're going to Llangollen before we return to Whixall and tie up for the Winter.


Tom and Jan said...

You're battery bank capacity just reduced by 25%?

Elsie said...

With solar panels we hope it won't make much difference. The batteries were 12.5v this morning instead of 11.8v so we really needed new batteries. On shoreline all winter so we'll find out the difference next spring. Price wise though £85 for 110's or £135 for 135's was much cheaper per ah. Elsie x