Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Moored At Tixall Wide

NB Bendigedig on Tixall Wide

Our journey from Radford Bank was a bit of an obstacle course manoevering past overgrown stretches of reeds and meeting boats on blind bends but we made it. Ben and I had a lovely walk with the boat,  my painful knee has eased. We found a space to moor and we actually have a satellite TV signal which is sometimes not possible here due to the trees.

Ben and I had a short walk along the moorings. Lots of people armed with paint brushes making good use of easily accessible gunnels as the canal side is low here. I also met a Bedlington /Lurcher cross called Elsie and their owners said she was a very good dog! Ben didn't want to go far, so we returned to the boat.

Eric had a look in the engine hole at the Mikuni heating unit  as we didn't have a red light showing any power to it and found a broken wire so at least we know the problem is and can get it fixed when we get back to the marina.

Waiting now to see if the stoppage at Newcastle Road Lock has been sorted, before we go that way.

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