Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Moored At Radford Bank

Yesterday we worked the locks down from Penkridge to moor above Deptmore Lock. A lovely day with lots of sunshine and lots of boats on the move. One boat passed us by telling me they read my blog and were on their way to Whixall Marina to spend the winter there. I didn't ask your names or even note the name of your boat, but I did say see you both when we get back to Whixall. Halfie and his wife (NB Jubilee) stopped alongside our side hatch to have a chat about what we'd been up to since we last saw them at Fradley. Nice to see you both again.

We were glad to moor up at Radford Bank as the day didn't start well as Eric was suffering with his right eye. A pinpoint pupil showed his uveitis had flared up again so he needed an emergency prescription. A trip to A & E at Stafford where the staff were helpful solved the problem but it took a few hours. We didn't try and get a doctor's appointment as they always send us to the nearest hospital  as it needs specialist treatment. If you ever need the hospital in Stafford the No 74 bus from Radford Bank goes there.  Eric is having a bad time this trip, perhaps he's trying to visit the hospitals in each county!

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