Sunday, September 06, 2015

Moored At Penkridge

At Gailey yesterday you could hear some sort of reenactment from our mooring, it sounded like fireworks. This morning I could hear talking and thought it was someone fishing behind the boat. It was actually the public address system from the reenactment which was continuing today.

Today it was boating in sunshine, a lovely day. Down the locks from Gailey to Penkridge Visitor Moorings was made easier by boat traffic as we could leave gates open for the upcoming boat. A few times we had lock gates open for us too. Some heavy lock gates and deep locks but we arrived at Penkridge to find a space just right for us, Eric moored up and popped to the shop by the next lock to get a Sunday paper and came back with white chocolate Magnums. ....yum!

He found the dot in the sky to watch the Italian Grand Prix, which is receiving his full attention at this moment.

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