Sunday, September 20, 2015

Down The Adderley Locks And A Nice Pork Pie!

Today we cruised from Market Drayton  to the  Visitor Moorings   below Adderley Locks.  At
At the top of  the locks the farm shop was displaying it's goods with a warning that the stall is monitored with a camera. We chose our of their tasty home made pork pies.A boat came up the flight so we were in luck as the locks were mostly full apart from leakage through the bottom gates.

We moored up and Eric went down the engine hole to sort out a few  water leaks, he tightened up the jubilee clips just half a turn......hopefully that will do the trick. The central heating has been out of action as no power was getting to it so he checked that and found  a broken wire and one of the fuses gone, so power has been restored with some solder and a new fuse. Of course all done in time to watch the Singapore Grand Prix, just the highlights today.

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