Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Boating In The Rain To Goldstone Wharf

When we left Market Drayton the rain had stopped but started again as we got to Tyrley Locks. Ben and I had walked from Market Drayton .......a very muddy walk. Slow going up the five locks as an inexperienced crew on a hireboat was setting a lock ahead even before they reached the lock before. We just waited until we could go up, helping them on their way.

After the locks we cruised through Woodseaves Cutting and moored up at Goldstone Wharf. No internet signal or phone but we did have satellite TV so it wasn't all bad. Today we're heading for Norbury where the internet signal varies greatly, so we maybe lucky but maybe not.  We need to top up with diesel too as it's usually near enough the same price as Turners in Wheaton Aston. Today it's not raining but we seem to be meeting lots of boats at bridge holes.

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