Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back On The Shroppie

After a very quiet night all on our own at Bridge 74 on the Staffs and Worcs Canal we were on our way this morning heading for the Shroppie. Eric's been busy getting the front deck ready to paint, it's been scraped, sanded treated with rust converter (kindly donated by son-in-law Ben). It's now had a coat of primer and a day later a coat of undercoat. Ben the dog has been highly confused going off the back of the boat for a wee when we're moored up due to the wet paint.

Ben and I had a walk as far as Coven but had a cold shower on the way, the heavens opened and my hair had a second wash of the day. We ended up waiting in a queue of seven boats at 'Pendeford Rockin',which is the old boatman's name for a shallow, narrow cutting through a band of sandstone. Half a dozen boats came through from Autherley Junction and our convoy began the journey through only to be met by an irate women on holiday annoyed that their boat had to pull in and wait for us all to pass.

Of course we queued at the Stop Lock enjoying a chat with a Scottish man who was more used to sea travel as he used to race yachts in his younger days. It was his first time on a narrowboat although he had used much larger locks on the  canal which crosses Scotland called the Caledonian Canal.

Eric stopped the boat just before Bridge 2 so I could get some shopping at Morrison's in Pendeford, a ten minute walk from the canal. An hour later we were on our way after giving a directions to another boater looking for a shop. We pulled in at Bridge 8 where there are rings for visitors, a passing cylist made me smile when he said 'we'd landed'.

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