Monday, August 17, 2015

We're Going Boating Again!

We're back from our looking after one of grandaughters, Gwen in Newport last week. We had a busy week fitting in doctor's checkups as well as trips with Gwen. I also had a haircut. We had the usual dog walks with Ben the dog of course.  On one rainy afternoom we watched movies complete with toffee popcorn and icecreams. Gwen hadn't seen the Disney  'Beverley Hills Chihuahua', so that was one of the films we enjoyed.

A few things to get sorted before we're ready to cruise. Eric checked and topped up the batteries yesterday and the Beta engineer came as arranged this morning to do the 50 hours service and sort out a few leaks. One was a small fuel leak after  the water separator and we had a small water leak in the pipe to the skin tank. No leaks now!

Once we get the car back from it's service and MOT we'll need to do the big shop to fill up cupboards, fridge and freezer  so we really are ready to go. Plans made but who knows if they'll happen, as river cruising depends on water levels. I hope there's not too much rain on those Welsh hills as we want to go down the River Severn from Stourport.  Hopefully our trip will begin on this space. 

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