Sunday, August 23, 2015

Moored At Bridge 5, Llangollen Canal

On Saturday we woke expecting horrendous weather but it was sunny and warm, although we'd had rain in the night.  A walk to the shop to get a paper, milk, bread and chocolate first with Ben the dog. We decided to move onto Bridge 5 with the electric lift bridge at Wrenbury to go through first where I held up just three cars. A walk then to the next lift bridge and back on the boat for a ride to the three Baddiley Locks. The weather got  hotter as we worked through the locks, Ben waited patiently at each lock and then we walked between them.

A ride then to Swanley Locks.....just two to do before we moored up. It was hot inside the boat with doors and windows open too. At eight o'clock the heavy rain and wind came along with thunder and lightening. We knew it was coming by a few earlier rumbles in the distance causing Ben to jump back on the boat. He finds a dark place to go when it thunders usually down the back of the boat. The wind was so fierce we lost our satellite signal but it was soon found again when the storm passed in time for me to watch Casualty. 

A restless night.....I find it difficult to sleep when it's hot! Morning came and we decided to stay put as Eric wanted to watch the Belgium Grand Prix and I wanted a roast for Sunday lunch. So after a short walk, Ben didn't want to go far so we turned round and headed back to the boat. Of course I had a chat with some of the boaters on the moorings, so Eric was wondering where I was.

So the roast is cooking, the Grand Prix is about to start and Ben the dog is fast asleep. Everyone's happy!

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