Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Down Hurleston Onto The Shroppie

At the top of Hurleston Locks
Going down!

After a stop to use the facilities above Hurleston we were ready to go. A quick descent down the flight of four locks with no lock keeper in sight....he'd probably gone to lunch. Boats passing in the pounds too and the water levels were ok.....very different from our last passage through these locks when we had to let water down as the one pound was so low.

Just a right turn then onto the Shroppie  where Eric picked be up at the bridge hole and then onwards to Nantwich. All the moorings were  full before the aqueduct but we there was room after that, so we pulled in and moored up. Confusing signs though one sign said long term moorings and the next sign showed 48 hour moorings in both directions.

We popped into Nantwich to get some fresh food at Morrison's, taking Ben the dog with us. Eric waited outside with Ben and then we walked back through the park with our rucksacks on our backs. Eric didn't feel too good so were glad to be back on the boat to have a cuppa. 

A quiet night on the embankment and we slept in, not waking until 9.30am.  I took Ben off for a wee then had a shower and got myself up. After breakfast we decided to move as far as Coole Pilate, hoping to get there before the rain. The washing machine washed a load of washing ......well it tried to but stopped at the rinse stage as the water pump switch had been accidentally turned off. The Travel Power is working fine although we do make a point of keeping the revs up to 1200 as much as possibly.

Just moored up before the  rain came and NB Blue Diamond arrived just in time. On the way we saw Linda from Cheshire Cats Narrowboats was showing one of her hirers how to do a lock at Hack Green. She helped us through the top lock. Just moored up before the rain came and not long after NB Blue Diamond pulled in front of us.

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