Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Week At Whixall

We've had a week of dog walking, shopping and just living on our boat in the marina. Before we can go boating again we need the 50 hour service on the boat and it's arranged for after our visit to Newport. It's been really quiet in Whixall Marina this week.  

We went by car to Llangollen on Friday and it was busy as usual in the town.Eric dropped Ben and I off at Sun Trevor and we walked the rest of the way along the canal tow path. We didn't see any boats moving. Near the lift bridge I spotted Maggie and NB Blue Diamond and  we had a catch up chat as she walked with me. Eric came to meet us once he'd parked the car. 

Eric and I  had lunch at Fouzi's sitting at an outside table as we had Ben the dog with us. Panini's and coffees went down a treat and Ben had some of my chicken. A good spot for watching the world go by as it was very busy.

Today we left the car at Ellesmere Tunnel and did a circular walk taking in the canal towpath, Ellesmere Wharf with lots of moored boats and alongside the Mere before we got back to the car. Ben was thirsty so he was happy to drink out of a dish by the ice cream shop. We sat on a bench by the Mere enjoying our ice cream and once again watched the world go by.

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