Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Quiet Day And Nightime Music!

We had a quiet day yesterday as Eric wasn't feeling fit to travel, a bit spaced out on pain killers for his cracked rib. My sore knee appreciated a rest day too after Ben and I had a walk up the locks to Adderley Farm Shop.

All change in the evening when a party stated at the house by the canal bridge with a live band. We could hear every word of the songs and the music was loud which didn't really matter until we wanted some sleep.  It didn't stop until the early hours of the morning and  I was glad when it did. Eric will sleep through anything so he was ok.

Today we did the five locks at Adderley  and then cruised on to Marker Drayton stopping at the waterpoint to use the facilities. Under the bridge we found the moorings very quiet with just three boats moored up, quite a change frim last time we tried to moor here when there wasn't room anywhere.

I popped into town, well as far as Asda to get a few bits and pieces while Eric and Ben stayed on the boat and relaxed. Fun and games trying to get a freeview signal as the houses nearby all had aerials pointing in different directions. We're having a roast for tea which in cooking in the oven......smells lovely.

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