Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Quiet Day And Nightime Music!

We had a quiet day yesterday as Eric wasn't feeling fit to travel, a bit spaced out on pain killers for his cracked rib. My sore knee appreciated a rest day too after Ben and I had a walk up the locks to Adderley Farm Shop.

All change in the evening when a party stated at the house by the canal bridge with a live band. We could hear every word of the songs and the music was loud which didn't really matter until we wanted some sleep.  It didn't stop until the early hours of the morning and  I was glad when it did. Eric will sleep through anything so he was ok.

Today we did the five locks at Adderley  and then cruised on to Marker Drayton stopping at the waterpoint to use the facilities. Under the bridge we found the moorings very quiet with just three boats moored up, quite a change frim last time we tried to moor here when there wasn't room anywhere.

I popped into town, well as far as Asda to get a few bits and pieces while Eric and Ben stayed on the boat and relaxed. Fun and games trying to get a freeview signal as the houses nearby all had aerials pointing in different directions. We're having a roast for tea which in cooking in the oven......smells lovely.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Up Audlem Locks With A Little Help

After we'd topped up the water tank we were ready to go, with thirteen locks to work through. We were able to leave some top gates open with boats coming down and they left the locks ready for us. We did have some welcomed help too from two youngsters on bikes, armed with windlasses who set the next lock for us. Their parent's boat was moored at Coxbank broken down and they were bored! They helped us through the rest of the locks to Coxbank and were rewarded with some pocket money.

Just two more locks to do and we moored up Adderley visitor moorings, thirteen locks was enough for one day. Eric was on light duties only which meant no heavy lock gates to open or shut. Currently relaxing even the dog's asleep.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Room At Audlem

White water boating on our last time in Audlem

On Wednesday we had a short cruise from Coole Pilate and went up the first two locks of the Audlem flight of fifteen locks. We were in luck as there was room to moor up,  because we wanted to work through the rest of the flight when it wasn't going to rain. I walked across the recreation ground behind the Shroppie Fly to get us some freshly cooked fish and chips for lunch from the shop. Very nice too, Ben had a sausage!

Later on we took Ben for a walk to get a pump as we'd left ours in our lockup box with the bike at the marina. We needed to pump up the wheel barrow wheels we need for the Shroppie shelf. We stocked up with bread and milk at the Coop on the way back.

Today we're staying put as Eric needed to visit the doctor, he's in the wars again he's in pain with a suspected broken rib and needed some  strong painkillers.The Audlem Medical Centre  confirmed the broken rib. They were great and looked after him really well even without an appointment.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Down Hurleston Onto The Shroppie

At the top of Hurleston Locks
Going down!

After a stop to use the facilities above Hurleston we were ready to go. A quick descent down the flight of four locks with no lock keeper in sight....he'd probably gone to lunch. Boats passing in the pounds too and the water levels were ok.....very different from our last passage through these locks when we had to let water down as the one pound was so low.

Just a right turn then onto the Shroppie  where Eric picked be up at the bridge hole and then onwards to Nantwich. All the moorings were  full before the aqueduct but we there was room after that, so we pulled in and moored up. Confusing signs though one sign said long term moorings and the next sign showed 48 hour moorings in both directions.

We popped into Nantwich to get some fresh food at Morrison's, taking Ben the dog with us. Eric waited outside with Ben and then we walked back through the park with our rucksacks on our backs. Eric didn't feel too good so were glad to be back on the boat to have a cuppa. 

A quiet night on the embankment and we slept in, not waking until 9.30am.  I took Ben off for a wee then had a shower and got myself up. After breakfast we decided to move as far as Coole Pilate, hoping to get there before the rain. The washing machine washed a load of washing ......well it tried to but stopped at the rinse stage as the water pump switch had been accidentally turned off. The Travel Power is working fine although we do make a point of keeping the revs up to 1200 as much as possibly.

Just moored up before the  rain came and NB Blue Diamond arrived just in time. On the way we saw Linda from Cheshire Cats Narrowboats was showing one of her hirers how to do a lock at Hack Green. She helped us through the top lock. Just moored up before the rain came and not long after NB Blue Diamond pulled in front of us.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Moored At Bridge 5, Llangollen Canal

On Saturday we woke expecting horrendous weather but it was sunny and warm, although we'd had rain in the night.  A walk to the shop to get a paper, milk, bread and chocolate first with Ben the dog. We decided to move onto Bridge 5 with the electric lift bridge at Wrenbury to go through first where I held up just three cars. A walk then to the next lift bridge and back on the boat for a ride to the three Baddiley Locks. The weather got  hotter as we worked through the locks, Ben waited patiently at each lock and then we walked between them.

A ride then to Swanley Locks.....just two to do before we moored up. It was hot inside the boat with doors and windows open too. At eight o'clock the heavy rain and wind came along with thunder and lightening. We knew it was coming by a few earlier rumbles in the distance causing Ben to jump back on the boat. He finds a dark place to go when it thunders usually down the back of the boat. The wind was so fierce we lost our satellite signal but it was soon found again when the storm passed in time for me to watch Casualty. 

A restless night.....I find it difficult to sleep when it's hot! Morning came and we decided to stay put as Eric wanted to watch the Belgium Grand Prix and I wanted a roast for Sunday lunch. So after a short walk, Ben didn't want to go far so we turned round and headed back to the boat. Of course I had a chat with some of the boaters on the moorings, so Eric was wondering where I was.

So the roast is cooking, the Grand Prix is about to start and Ben the dog is fast asleep. Everyone's happy!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Onwards To Wrenbury

A photo near Platt Lane
This morning we didn't think we'd be going anywhere as the oil warning light came on when we started the engine. The Beta engineer from Whitchurch checked and turned up the revs and the light went out and the beeping noise went off. We'd panicked, too worried to put the revs up.Everything is fine thinks it was an electrical blip.

Four locks today taking us to moor at Wrenbury, where NB Blue Diamond were headed for as they passed us this morning. We met them coming from 'The Cotton Arms' and they turned round and came back in with for another pint and a catch up chat. Ben the dog wasn't keen on being left home alone but he enjoyed the doggy bag  I brought him.

Looking at the weather forecast we'll be staying put for a few's rain, rain and more rain.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Love A Duck

Ben loves his duck!
Clare and Ben bought Ben the dog a present and he loves it.

Down Grindley Brook Locks

Today we worked three lift bridges and passed the Whitchurch Arm by heading for  the locks at Grindley Brook. A queue ahead but with four boats going down we didn't have long to wait.....just long enough for a coffee and a sandwich.  A very helpful Amy was the lock keeper at the top of the staircase.  After seven locks I was happy to moor up on the visitor moorings below Grindley Brook and Eric didn't mind stopping. Not long after we moored up the rain started, but we're ok.  All settled until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We've Escaped

This morning we were up bright and early, the sun was shining so we were off after breakfast once the water was topped up. We bought a couple of bags of coal in case it turned cold in the evenings. Next job fill up with fuel as we didn't want to run out again.  

Those arm muscles got a work out on the three lift bridges and Ben had his morning walk while it was still dry, Back on the boat it wasn't long before the rain started so we stopped on the new visitor moorings by Bridge 37, there's picnic tables and barbecue stands nearby if it wasn't raining.

It's nice to have a full length  grassy towpath next to the boat and to know we  are out of the marina without any time constraints. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Someone has used my hotmail address to spam my contacts with an email supposedly from me. It tells of a family accident of one of my children and their family in Ireland. It is spam and total rubbish. Email subject was MY SISTER.......I haven't got a sister!

Monday, August 17, 2015

We're Going Boating Again!

We're back from our looking after one of grandaughters, Gwen in Newport last week. We had a busy week fitting in doctor's checkups as well as trips with Gwen. I also had a haircut. We had the usual dog walks with Ben the dog of course.  On one rainy afternoom we watched movies complete with toffee popcorn and icecreams. Gwen hadn't seen the Disney  'Beverley Hills Chihuahua', so that was one of the films we enjoyed.

A few things to get sorted before we're ready to cruise. Eric checked and topped up the batteries yesterday and the Beta engineer came as arranged this morning to do the 50 hours service and sort out a few leaks. One was a small fuel leak after  the water separator and we had a small water leak in the pipe to the skin tank. No leaks now!

Once we get the car back from it's service and MOT we'll need to do the big shop to fill up cupboards, fridge and freezer  so we really are ready to go. Plans made but who knows if they'll happen, as river cruising depends on water levels. I hope there's not too much rain on those Welsh hills as we want to go down the River Severn from Stourport.  Hopefully our trip will begin on this space. 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Happy Anniversary To Us

Our selfie!
Today is or 44th Wedding Anniversary and we've spent this morning at Whitchurch Minor Injuries Unit. Eric trapped the top of his index finger in the heavy metal gate at the marina when the wind caught it a few days ago. He has a very black fingernail and swollen finger tip which was becoming  very painful so we decided to pop in the M.I.U at Whitchurch Community Hospital as it's a walk in service.

At the hospital the finger was x rayed and  the tip is fractured!  They relieved the pressure by piercing the nail with a new fangled gadget (they don't use paper clips anymore!), then bandaged it up and gave him antibiotics.  An excellent service  and his finger feels more comfortable.  He also got  telling off for not going sooner! 

Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Week At Whixall

We've had a week of dog walking, shopping and just living on our boat in the marina. Before we can go boating again we need the 50 hour service on the boat and it's arranged for after our visit to Newport. It's been really quiet in Whixall Marina this week.  

We went by car to Llangollen on Friday and it was busy as usual in the town.Eric dropped Ben and I off at Sun Trevor and we walked the rest of the way along the canal tow path. We didn't see any boats moving. Near the lift bridge I spotted Maggie and NB Blue Diamond and  we had a catch up chat as she walked with me. Eric came to meet us once he'd parked the car. 

Eric and I  had lunch at Fouzi's sitting at an outside table as we had Ben the dog with us. Panini's and coffees went down a treat and Ben had some of my chicken. A good spot for watching the world go by as it was very busy.

Today we left the car at Ellesmere Tunnel and did a circular walk taking in the canal towpath, Ellesmere Wharf with lots of moored boats and alongside the Mere before we got back to the car. Ben was thirsty so he was happy to drink out of a dish by the ice cream shop. We sat on a bench by the Mere enjoying our ice cream and once again watched the world go by.