Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Shroppie- Brewood to Norbury Junction

On Friday morning we left our mooring at Bridge 8, most of the boats had left hours ago. We also end up going about 10.30am. Ben and I walked the forty minutes to Brewood, the locals say it like the word brewed and  Eric came to by boat mooring up on the busy visitor moorings. Leaving Ben on the boat it was a quick walk to the Coop for a few bits and pieces before we continued on our way.

Just one lock yesterday at Wheaton Aston before we topped up the water tank at the services. The fuel at Turners was 57p cheap but we wanted to use what we had in the tank so we'll fill up when we get back to Whixall Marina. We found a space to moor not under trees as we didn't want to end with a bird poo covered boat, nobody has moored in that space. Eric checked the engine for leaks, water and oil levels and belts......all ok! 'Happy new engine' a blog reader shouted to us at Autherley Junction, hello to you.

This morning a dull start in the cutting but once we on our way the sun came out as I walked along the long straight embankment typical of the Shroppie. The cuttings were fairly muddy but I was back on the boat by then. Three hours cruising and we moored up at Norbury Visitor Moorings where the rings are well spaced for boats.

A lazy afternoon followed but Eric has plans to wash one side of the boat when it cools down a bit. The other side of the boat is polished for half it's length but it's the watery side so the next place he can finish it is at Cox Bank Moorings above Audlem.You can certainly see where he's been that Craft Canuba Polish is good stuff.

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