Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nearly Sorted......Engine Fitted

On Tuesday we came back to find our engine in the hole but waiting to be connected. Over the last few days this has been done and the engineer has been busy getting the initial running done with timed running at specified levels of throttle. A  few problems with oil temperature and water temperature senders not being compatible with our original panel  caused some frustration, but it's sorted  now.  Beta sprayed every bit of their engine's a Greenline engine....even the oil and fuel filters and our Travel Power generator. Looks very clean and green.

The wooden cratch has been reinforced and a new hinge fitted.....we just need to replace the tatty cover. So nearly ready to go. Eric's taking the car back to Whixall Marina on Friday and getting the train back to Lichfield Trent Valley, which is the nearest station to Streethay Wharf.  So we're nearly ready to go boating,  Although it's taken  an age, I can't fault the dedication of the engineers at Streethay Wharf to get the job done properly.

We've been exploring the area by car, it's surprising how close  the places we've visited by boat are. We've been walking at Fradley Junction, shopping in Rugeley as well a walk around the big lake at Chasewater Country Park when we found the car park. But the fridge, freezer and cupboards are  full  and I've done the washing in Streethay Wharf's laundry so  we have clean clothes. Definately ready to go boating.  Just the bill to pay......oh no!!

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