Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moored In Nantwich

This morning we were the last boat to leave Coole Pilate but we've never been early birds. Too many years of having to get up for work means we don't use an alarm clock. Sometimes I get caught in my pj's in the cratch with Ben outside on a long lead  having a wee!

The weather caught us out before we reached Hack Green Locks as light rain became very heavy and I  didn't have waterproof trousers on. Eric said something about  the rain coming down like stair rods, I haven't heard any mention of stair rods for years, they were used to keep the long runner of carpet in place on the the old days! After the locks Ben and I got back on the boat, he had a rub down with his towel while I had to change my trousers.

We decided to moor at Nantwich so we pulled into a space before the aqueduct knowing it's always full on the other side. NB Poppy was there so we had a welcome party, we hadn't seen them for ages. The dog Lola  had a good bark too.

We walked into Nantwich to get some fresh food at Morrison's and Ben came for the walk, he really didn't want to be left home alone. Now back on the boat I am feeling  lazy while Eric started to continue polishing the one side of the boat until rain stopped him. Perhaps it'll stop and he can do a bit more. 


Tom and Jan said...

Do you do the same to Eric and is he in his PJ's?

Elsie said...

No! He's usually still fast asleep.