Friday, July 03, 2015

Just An Update.....It's Arrived!

All the power you need!

Our new Beta 43 engine arrived at Streethay Wharf last Tuesday  so it took three weeks but that's good going for a new engine. Beta Marine have kept us informed and been extremely helpful with the Technical Director available to discuss our concerns. He then arranged to have our Travel Power generator  fitted to the new engine and bench tested so we shouldn't have any problems. 

The engine bay has been painted and the new engine will be fitted when the paint dries, apparently the hot weather isn't helping. Like most boatyards there never seems to be any sense of urgency.  Our boat had to wait until they were ready to deal with it and then it turned into a bigger problem than just a replacement crankshaft. There was considerable damage and wear to the lower part of the engine, which made the  fitting of a new engine  the best option for us. 

So we're back to the boat on Tuesday 7th July  and will hopefully have the power as promised. Thanks to Beta for the complimentary mugs!

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