Saturday, July 11, 2015

Escape From Streethay Wharf

We've finally escaped from Streethay Wharf with our new engine working away in the engine hole....yes we did pay the bill!  Just a few miles to Fradley Visitor Moorings but it was chaotic cruising with boats everywhere, but so nice to be boating again.  We ended up going very slow with a slow boat in front of us. Luckily there was room for us to moor us and now we've got  green grass next to the boat so Ben can jump off the boat easily.

We've had four nights on our sofa bed  with not much room, we felt like sardines as neither of us are dainty.  0ur usual bed was piled high with stuff from the engine bay and the storage boxes from the back of the boat. Tonight we've got our king sized bed back  as all the stuff is back where it belongs. Eric did have a sort out and got rid of some of it. An added bonus is nobody will be drilling, sanding,welding, banging and revving engines at 8 o'clock in the morning.

The boat needs a lot of TLC and the first job is cleaning the windows, they're all dusty from being in a boatyard with work being done  around us. But that can wait until tomorrow!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Goodness sakes you and Eric have been through the wars in the past two months with engine and generator issues. Hopefully now all is well and you can relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

The pictures of Cornwall were breathtaking. I hope to make it there some day.
Hugs to you both!

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les,

Hopefully we're in for some good times, we really missed the boat. It's been good today not thinking about the engine breaking down, the new one runs well. We've arranged to look after one of our grandaughters Gwen in August so we've got three weeks to make our way back to Whixall. After that we can go cruising again.

Take care both of you, love Elsie & Eric