Friday, July 24, 2015

Boating In The Rain!

When we set off this morning it wasn't raining, but we decided to keep going when it did. In luck today as lots of boats were heading towards Hurleston, which meant empty locks with gates open ready for us. Nine locks and two lift bridges before we were moored below Grindley Brook. With a boat ahead at the lift bridges, I ended up doing just the electric one at Wrenbury.  As usual lots of cars were kept waiting, I suspect I wasn't  popular. 

At Quoisely Lock the bearded gentlemen was there despite the rain selling logs, sticks, firelighters, potatoes, onions, carrots with the green still attached and eggs. We bought some of his lovely duck eggs.He always help the boaters through the lock. The pub at Willeymoor was's rarely open when we pass by in the afternoon.

Ben and I did some walking in the rain, we didn't mind it's only water. Shepherd's Pie for tea it's cooking now and smells lovely.

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