Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back Home Again- Whixall Marina

Locking up Grindley Brook was speedy this morning with a procession of boats coming towards us. We didn't have to wait at the staircase either with two lock keepers helping us through. The volunteer lockie said I'd asked the organ grinder not the monkey if we could come up the locks after the boat coming down. He was a chatty fellow while the actual lockie doesn't usually have much to say.

Soon we came to the three lift bridges, Ben and I walked and opened them up for the boat to come through. The fourth lift bridge further on was permanently open until it can be repaired, damaged by a vehicle not a boat!  

Before the bridge where the salvage yard was the boat was sounded a bit rough only wanted to go on tick over, finally it didn't want to go at all......we'd run out of fuel! Eric walked down the Prees Branch and bought a can of fuel to get it started so we could get back to the marina. He had to bleed the fuel system to get the air out and then it started first time. There was fuel in the tank but it must have been below the fuel pipe.  I thought we had enough fuel to get back....but we didn't.

Back on our berth, all plugged in catching up with the washing. Tea was duck eggs and chips and you could certainly see by the yolks how fresh they were.

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