Monday, June 08, 2015

Lansallos Revisited....Forty Fours Years Later!

On Lansallos Beach
Lansallos beach in the shade

My two boys enjoying a cwtch!
Today we revisited one of our favourite beaches LansaIlos, last visited 44 years ago on our honeymoon......where did the years go? There's now a car park and camp site  provided by the National Trust with a donation post for parking and a revamped foot path down to the beach. We walked the half mile down to the beach and relaxed on the gritty beach consisting of tiny pieces of slate. Getting up was poor knees are playing up......getting old doesn't come alone. Eric is suffering too with achy legs, while Ben the dog is not bothered by all this exercise.....he just sleeps as soon as we get back to the cottage.

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