Sunday, June 14, 2015

From Cornwall To Newport

Friday came and it was time to leave our holiday cottage,  putting the hoover round before we left as requested to remove the hair of the dog. Giddy Up Cottage in Kelynack on was definately a good choice. Just north of Lands End Airport with light aircraft taking off and landing but it didn't bother us. A well equipped converted barn or should I say cow shed , with a dishwasher which was dishes for a week. 

We've been very lucky with the weather too. On Friday we woke to fog putting the airport out of action and making our walk up the last hill in Cornwall a walk with the dog in the fog, not that he minded. Then the long trek home began along the A30, M5 and finally the M4 taking about 5 hours including traffic queues and comfort breaks.  We shared a Chinese meal for tea which was a lovely end to a busy day.

Latest news on our boat front it that we're having a new engine, which Beta is supplying in two weeks after factory fitting our existing travel pack and bench checking it. So we'll soon be mobile again. Streethay Wharf is going to clean up the engine bay and give it a coat of paint while there's no engine in it, so we'll have a nice clean engine bay and a shiny new engine and hopefully all our problems will be a thing of the past.

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