Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As I Was Going To St Ives

St Ives In the sunshine

A sit down moment
A seat in the shade

Another view across the water

Another day in Cornwall while we wait for our narrowboat home to be sorted. It's going to be another few weeks so we'll be back in Newport for a while once our holiday ends. Meanwhile I've been reading the boaters's blogs and waiting to get back afloat.

We had a lovely sea food take out meal to share with battered king prawns, squid, cod, fish cakes and chips. While we were eating our food sat on a bench on the promenade the sea gulls stayed away from us probably because of Ben the dog. On the next bench a man opened the bag with his pastie and a gull swooped from behind him and  took the whole pastie just as he was going to take a bite! Was he surprised but we all had a laugh about it.

Back in the cottage Ben went to sleep......another busy day.

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