Sunday, June 14, 2015

From Cornwall To Newport

Friday came and it was time to leave our holiday cottage,  putting the hoover round before we left as requested to remove the hair of the dog. Giddy Up Cottage in Kelynack on was definately a good choice. Just north of Lands End Airport with light aircraft taking off and landing but it didn't bother us. A well equipped converted barn or should I say cow shed , with a dishwasher which was dishes for a week. 

We've been very lucky with the weather too. On Friday we woke to fog putting the airport out of action and making our walk up the last hill in Cornwall a walk with the dog in the fog, not that he minded. Then the long trek home began along the A30, M5 and finally the M4 taking about 5 hours including traffic queues and comfort breaks.  We shared a Chinese meal for tea which was a lovely end to a busy day.

Latest news on our boat front it that we're having a new engine, which Beta is supplying in two weeks after factory fitting our existing travel pack and bench checking it. So we'll soon be mobile again. Streethay Wharf is going to clean up the engine bay and give it a coat of paint while there's no engine in it, so we'll have a nice clean engine bay and a shiny new engine and hopefully all our problems will be a thing of the past.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As I Was Going To St Ives

St Ives In the sunshine

A sit down moment
A seat in the shade

Another view across the water

Another day in Cornwall while we wait for our narrowboat home to be sorted. It's going to be another few weeks so we'll be back in Newport for a while once our holiday ends. Meanwhile I've been reading the boaters's blogs and waiting to get back afloat.

We had a lovely sea food take out meal to share with battered king prawns, squid, cod, fish cakes and chips. While we were eating our food sat on a bench on the promenade the sea gulls stayed away from us probably because of Ben the dog. On the next bench a man opened the bag with his pastie and a gull swooped from behind him and  took the whole pastie just as he was going to take a bite! Was he surprised but we all had a laugh about it.

Back in the cottage Ben went to sleep......another busy day.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Another Lovely Day In Cornwall

Chapel Cairn Brea (657feet)
Today's morning walk took us up this hill with lovely views from the top. The hill is named  for the cairn on the top and there used to be a chapel but this is no longer there.  In the National Trust car park there was a sign warning dog owners of adders with some vet's phone numbers but we didn't see any snakes basking in the sun.

After that we went for by car to Newlyn where the harbour was full of fishing boats. Here the fish is processes and there are lots of fish shops selling wet fish, crabs, prawns and lobsters. It just smelled of fresh fish. We walked along the long promenade watching crashing waves before walking back up a hill to the car park. We've had some lovely weather so far.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Lansallos Revisited....Forty Fours Years Later!

On Lansallos Beach
Lansallos beach in the shade

My two boys enjoying a cwtch!
Today we revisited one of our favourite beaches LansaIlos, last visited 44 years ago on our honeymoon......where did the years go? There's now a car park and camp site  provided by the National Trust with a donation post for parking and a revamped foot path down to the beach. We walked the half mile down to the beach and relaxed on the gritty beach consisting of tiny pieces of slate. Getting up was poor knees are playing up......getting old doesn't come alone. Eric is suffering too with achy legs, while Ben the dog is not bothered by all this exercise.....he just sleeps as soon as we get back to the cottage.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

A Walk On The Coastal Foothpath

Views from the coastal footpath near Porth Nanven

This morning's walk started at Porth Nanven, a little dog friendly cove not far from our holiday cottage. Sat nav was pretty good and rerouted us when it was too narrow to get through. Luckily there was a carpark when we got there. Not much beach to walk on as the tide was in and seemed very rocky. Interesting geological feature is visible on the left of the  the path to the ancient raised beach. We decided to climb up and walked some of the coastal footpath. Signs warned not to stop at one point with breeding Choughs nearby. We met a bird watcher who showed us a photo as I had no clue of what a Choughs looked bird with red beak and feet.

Back at the cottage we had a late lunch and relaxed. Ben's now asleep too, all this fresh air makes you sleepy.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Exploring Gwenver Beach

Gwenver beach from the car park

Another cwtch

Scones and cream
Today we found a dog friendly beach a Gwenver following directions from the owner of the cottage. It was quite a climb down to the beach from the carpark and a bit of a killer climbing back up lots of steps. Ben enjoyed running between us on the sands, a paddle in the sea and a play with some dogs already on the beach.

Beautiful scenery with sunshine, blue sea and skies and crashing waves, we're having a lovely time. We came back to the cottage for a late lunch, we just had to sample some scones and cream. Pasties tomorrow!

Ben the dog is fast asleep......another busy day!

Friday, June 05, 2015

In Cornwall For A Change

Sennen but no dogs  allowed.

We can walk here!

Enjoying a seat in the shade

                           Ben wants a cwtch!
Feeling fed up that our boat is still not fixed we decided to have a change of scenery. I went online and Googled cottages with dogs and found Found a one bedroom converted barn  called 'Giddy Up Home'  at Little Kelynack Farm and booked it on Tuesday and three days later we are here. Small with an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge,  but well equipped with a dishwasher too! It's huge compared to a boat. 

There was a cream tea waiting for us and flowers in a vase, a very nice touch.Ben the dog is fast asleep, it's been a long day!

Sennen harbour