Monday, May 11, 2015

Wet Engine Bilge And A Long Walk

This morning we wanted to find out what was causing the wet engine bilge as Eric couldn't find any leaky pipes. Perhaps it's the overflow from the water filler cap which was replaced several years ago. He put the overflow hose in a plastic bottle and ran the engine......the bottle filled with pale blue water so we knew if was the water filler cap... but where we could get a new one?

In Polesworth the garage sent us to the DIY Tool shop which sold all sorts but not what we wanted. She told us about Europarts at Dordon off the A5 about two and a half miles away, so the long walk began with Ben the dog coming too. At Europarts Eric bought an Austin Mini radiator cap, which has done the job. They even gave us some water for our hot dog. No we didn't walk back, I rang a taxi who took dogs and the taxi fare was worth every penny.

So now we're relaxing on the very full Polesworth Visitor Moorings after Eric mopped up all the wet from the engine bilge with Puppy pads.

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