Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sunshine ! Going Nowhere Today

Our view near Bradley Green

Yesterday we moved a couple of bridges from Polesworth, still bothered by an unexplained noise in the engine hole. Eric had a look at the  belts and loosened them as they seemed to much tighter than he usually fits them.......looks like the problem is solved....fingers crossed!

This morning we moved another couple of bridges to moor at Bradley Green for Cox's Auto Electrical to deliver our repaired Travel Power box and a reconditioned generator. Nothing's going right for us lately the generator bolts we had were too big, but they took it away and redrilled the holes so Eric could refit it......excellent service but now the belt which runs it is too big as the pulley on the new generator is smaller. We keep spare belts but we've never needed  a smaller one. I rang to tell them the problem and they're coming at 9.30am tomorrow.

Looking forward to cleaning my hairy boat......a dust pan and brush is useless with a dog onboard. Also there's a washing mountain!  

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