Thursday, May 07, 2015

Soaked And Another Breakdown

The weather was sunny when NB Jubilee and crew passed by going down the Middle Lock. They came in for a cuppa and a chat yesterday, nice to meet a fellow blogger Halfie. We went down two locks with help from the chatty volunteers from CaRT and then it poured, then hailstones soaking Eric, myself and Ben the dog as we opened the swing bridge to let the boat through onto the Coventry Canal.

We did the usual filling and emptying and got rid of the rubbish and set off, but we only got as far as the end of the visitor moorings when the engine was in trouble with two red lights.Eric glided into the bank and moored up. In the engine hole there was a surprise.... the one alternator belt was intact but on the floor, and the crank pulley was on the end of the shaft with the big nut that holds it on, on the floor!

RCR came for the third time and did a temporary fix to get us to Streethay Wharf, where hopefully they can stop this nut falling off again. Meanwhile theTravel Power Pack is being fixed at Cox's, Atherstone........the boat is falling apart!

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