Saturday, May 02, 2015

Radford Bank And Tixall Wide

After the fun at Deptmore Lock we finally arrived at the moorings along side The Radford Bank Inn to find just two boats moored up so plenty of room for us in a sunny spot where we knew we could find the dot in the sky to get satellite T V. One boat left and another came so just three boats having a quiet night there, one the walkers had gone home. We went and had a meal at teatime from the Carvery, which went down a treat with the thoughts of no washing up. We weren't out long so Ben the dog was fine.

Today we had a late start as we didn't  expect  Tixall Wide to be busy, the weather being cold and windy. Eric meandered along this contour canal while Ben and I walked for a while. We did meet a few boats eith the crew all wrapped up in the cold winter. At Tixall there was just two boats moored up and did we struggle to moor up with the wind blowing us away from the towpath. But we did it in the end! Another boat came later and they struggled to. We watched the wild life, grebes, coots, ducks and geese....they weren't bothered by the wind and the waves.

The view from  the window of the Tixall gatehouse

The rain came but we were fine, fire lit so nice and cosy. Eric found the satellite signal so I could watch Casualty. I made a pasta bake for tea followed by a quiet evening.

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