Friday, May 15, 2015

Oh No More Engine Trouble

Yesterday we had our Travel Power refitted....had one cup of coffee from my coffee machine to test the Travel Power while the engineer was with us....all ok. Ben and I walked for nearly an hour boat sounded fine and I used the dyson to clean the boat then just after I'd finished the engine sounded worse than ever. The domestic  battery warning light came on  and we pulled over to  the side, the crank pulley was loose and the alternator belt was on the floor. but we're about half a mile from the nearest road. I rang Streethay Wharf because they had the tools necesary to tighten the crank pulley  again and were going to cut through a bulkhead to access the nut.

This morning I met Tom the engineer at the bridge 59  and managed to get a passing boater to give him and his gear a lift to our boat while Ben and I walked back. He eventually got the nut off and found  disaster,  the threads had gone on the crankshaft and nut and the fly wheel waa damaged. So it's a tow job back to Streethay Wharf on Sunday and the engine's coming out for a new crankshaft and we are going to Wales! Some lovely people on a tug called Saul towed us back to civilisation, thank you so much. The engineer from Streethay came back with a petrol generator for us, so we have some power to charge the batteries. So Sunday's trip to Streethay will be a quiet one as we are towed along. Watch this space!


Rick said...

What a ruddy awful time you are having. Hopefully your ration of bad luck will have been used up soon. Hope all goes well with the new crankshaft.

Marion and Richard, from sunny, but windy (nothing new there then), Whixall

Elsie said...

Hi, hope you settled in ok. Eric is really cheesed off by all this hassle. See you both, Elsie & Eric x