Monday, May 18, 2015

No Problems Going By Train

Today up bright and early....again, but at least we had hot water for a shower. I took Ben for a walk on the canal towpath near Streethay Wharf once I found the little gate at the end of the moorings giving access to bridge over the canal. On my way back I had a phone call they wanted to move the boat so they could move some boats around. All sorted and they plugged us back onto shoreline so the boat could finally get vacuumed.

I rang a taxi, the same firm I'd used to get to Europarts but they had no taxis available which take dogs. So thanks to Google and found Bennetts who were quite happy to take us to Tamworth Railway Station with a dog. I could have gone by train from Lichfield Trent Valley but  it would have meant changes, and a much longer journey timewise. Anyway we caught the Cross Country train and Ben led on the floor under table and went to fact I had to wake him up to off at Newport!

My son-in-law Ben the man, not to be confused with Ben the dog, picked us up from the station we're boat less and staying with Clare and Ben who are kind enough to have us. Ben the dog is waiting for Poppy to come home.

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