Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Moored Above Fradley Junction

Despite the wind and showers of rain we decided to have a short cruise hoping to moor on the moorings above Fradley Junction. Ben and I walked as far as Woodend Lock, then got back on for a cruise to Middle Lock  planning to continue onto the Coventry Canal if there was no room to moor. We were in luck there was a space.

Eric rang Cox's at Atherton and with their help over the phone removed the Travel Power generator and it's box of tricks. We met him outside The Swan at Fradley and we'll find out  once they've tested it if that's really the problem. It was cold waiting  so we had coffees from the pub and waited in their little cubby hole which has a heater, obviously the smokers' hangout by the full ash trays.

Above the lock it's less windy, protected by the trees so we won't be battered tonight. Now we're warm and cosy back indoors and Ben is fast asleep. 

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