Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bridges, Bridges And Bridges

Up bright and very early (7am) I took Ben for a walk before our mammoth journey began.Today our tow boat arrived at Alvecote and we were towed for six and  a half hours including the time spent to go through the very slow filling Glascote Locks. It's an experience I hope we never had to have again as windy canal, moored boats and lots of bridges didn't make for an easy journey. We sustained some damage to the cratch and cover and lots of scraping along the canal side so the boat definately needs some TLC.

We were met at Streethay Wharf by John although it was Sunday provided us with  electric and  showed us where the laundry and other facilities are. I purchased some tokens and started on the washing mountain. Ben watered the first grass he came too after such a long time on the boat. He is such a very good boy although I expect he wondered what on earth was going on.

Tomorrow we're off to Wales catching the train from Tamworth as it's straight through approximately two hour journey. We did have offers to be collected but it's quicker by train. When we come back let's hope the engine sounds just like it used to with no added extra noises. 


Judith Emery said...

Know just how you feel. Last year when our engine went we were towed over two days from Bedworth, bridge 13, to Grantham Bridge at Hillmorton. Fortunately we only had the stop lock at Hawkesbury. Glascote locks are slow at the best of times. Enjoy your time in Newport and hope all is sorted when you get back.
Judith and John
nb Serena

Elsie said...

Fingers crossed but don't know how long how long it'll take.