Friday, May 01, 2015

Another Delay At Deptmore Lock

After a very quiet night at Acton Trussell we headed off to work through Deptmore Lock. The fun began when I opened the gates and Eric tried to leave the lock. Something fouled the propellor and brought the engine to a stop, he drifted out and luckily the wind brought the boat into the bank. So boat tied up and down the weedhatch went Eric to feel for the problem. A rope side fender was stuck between the top of the propellor and the bottom of the boat......jammed in tight. Out came a carving knife and after half an hour Eric had removed the fender. No damage done other than a few more bruises on Eric's arm. 

We continue on our way, Ben and I continued our walk as far as Radford Bank where there was room to stop. We're off to the carvery later for a meal.  We've decided to head down to  Cox's in Atherstone to get the Travel Power generator checked and reconditioned. RCR said a new one from Beta would need a lottery win! So our plans have changed once again but it doesn't really matter as long as we're not tied up going nowhere.


Judith Emery said...

Another thought Ed Shires reconditions the Travel Pack and will lend you one while he does it. It was while he was doing another job for us that he told us this. I forgot this last night. Hope you soon get sorted.
nb Serena

Elsie said...

Thanks Judith.