Saturday, May 09, 2015

A Quick Walk To Asda

Today we continued our cruise  passing through Whittington and Hopwas.....moored boars everywhere and the same when we reached the moorings between Sutton Road Bridge and the A5 bridge. We went just past the A5 bridge and moored up to go shopping in Asda. A local told us the well worn  track went to the Retail Park so we followed it and found it much quicker than our usual route.

We did the shopping, just two rucksacks full of fresh stuff and walked back to the boat to  move as it was too noisy by the A5, just a short distance to moor before  Fazeley Junction. Very busy here too but we tagged on the end of the long row of boats. I've got the fresh vegetables and meat so Sunday lunch is on  the boat this Sunday.

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