Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Little Bit Of Locking

Fazeley Junction.....the bridge to the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

Today we left our mooring after a quiet night, although as usual I found getting to sleep a problem. We stopped first at Peel's Wharf to use the facilities wondering whether the skips would be full as the boater ahead of us had a roof full of black bags. Only one boat moored in the offline leisure moorings  as it's just too silted up for boats to get in. 

Approaching Glascote Lock

Just one boat ahead of us at Glascote Locks, usually there's a long  queue. These locks empty quickly but fill very slowly, but we're not in a rush so it didn't really matter.  Ben the dog was patiently waiting joined to the fence by his lead although you can't see it on tye photograph. He was very good considering bikes were going past him, there was a time when he wanted to eat their legs if they came too close.

Going up!

Ben waiting.....can you see my lead?

Dinner was cooking and nearly ready, so we stopped just short of Polesworth where the world and his wife seems to come to walk their dogs and ride their bikes on a Sunday afternoon. It soon quietened down and Eric found the dot in the sky to watch the highlights of the Grand Prix.  Ben the dog just went to sleep.

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