Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Few Hours Closer To Fradley Junction

Our new mugs!
Eric had a crashing time ......not boat crashing just knocking mugs off the top of the hatch. I popped down to Tesco's to find two more.....thought Mr Grumpy and Little Miss Sunshine were appropriate. Also bought some new sauce pans  as mine needed replacing.

Today we moved on even though it's windy but just a few hours closer to Fradley Junction where we're turning right onto the Coventry Canal. We passed the loos piled up at Armitage but it was difficult to take a photo as the hedges had grown. We stopped after Bridge 56 and Eric tilted the solar panels towards the sun giving us about 18 amps in full sun.

The boat is rocking in the wind now, hopefully it will be calmer tomorrow.

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