Monday, April 20, 2015

Visitors With Poppy

Poppy  our four legged visitor

Ok I'll sit for you but what's going on over there?
Yesterday Clare and Ben came to visit at Hack Green Visitor Moorings to bring Poppy their border collie to stay for a week with us on the boat. We gave them the post code for Hack Green Secret Bunker which is sign posted so no secret.....but it used to be.

When they arrived later than planned due to the a diversion on the motorwy, Ben and Eric went to visit the Secret Bunker while Clare and I had a good catch up. Curry for lunch and  lots of chat. Poppy was pleased to see Ben the dog.....lots of licks! Eric had some ball throwing practiceinterrupted as

We wondered how Poppy would be as she hasn't stayed with us on the boat, although she'd stayed with us in her house when Clare and Ben had their honeymoon. A quiet night was had by all, the dogs took turns on the sofa and Ben's fleece mat......Poppy's bed was ignored.

Today she had a long walk along the towpath to Audlem with Ben the dog and nobody fell in, just wet feet from the melted frost. It was 0 degrees first thing but now it's lovely and sunny and so much warmer. Poppy did manage to find something smelly but it was soon washed off.

Just two locks today to moor at the Visitor Moorings,  very quiet today occasionally interrupted by two barkng collies......somebody has come past their boat!

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