Saturday, April 25, 2015

Onwards To Brewood

The last few days have been busy with walking and cruising, the dogs and I have walked a couple of miles each day.Poppy keeps Ben going and she has the sense to get out of the way when he decides to run, he seems to thunder's a good idea to sidestep as he comes towards you.

We've moored  before Norbury Junction on Thursday , a place where phone signal is very poor and of course we had a phone call with a problem we had to sort. Lisa our daughter came to our rescue so I didn't need to go down to Newport. We passed through the most photographed bridge before Norbury, the one with the telegraph pole in the upper arch. This is a photograph I took when the trees were green, the buds are bursting and the leaves are just coming out now.

Last night we stayed out in the wilds at Little Onn. We've enjoyed the long straights, the cuttings and the embankments with very  few cruising boats. Poppy has settled down and we've had two days now when the poops and pees haven't been inside the boat , so she's a very good girl......fingers crossed she keeps it up.

We stopped at Brewood for bread, milk and a steak pie for tea from the butcher before moving on to moor after Bridge 8. The moorings at Brewood are in a cutting so it's usually a dull place to moor and  muddy too, so we only stayed briefly to do the shopping. Here there's grass next to the boat and room to play ball with Poppy.

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