Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Delays And Hold Ups!

Today didn't quite turn out as planned but started very well. Colder this morning but soon warmed up walking the dogs and doing the locks down towards Penkridge. All going well until we met three boats ahead of us waiting at Otherton Lock, there was a problem with the single gate at the top of the wouldn't close. The CaRT man soon arrived and armed with his long thingie cleaned some debris from the depths of the lock. Soon we were on our way.

Approaching Penkridge the engine sounded rough.....according to Eric a bag of nails! As we slowed down the noise was worse so we pulled in on the Penkridge Visitor Moorings and ran RCR.......that's what we pay them for! Someone came but didn't do much last night but this morning it was a different story. By a process of elimination he found that the Travel Power Gernerator was failing and needed to be replaced.  Currently disconnected so we can cruise but can't use the Dyson so it's definitely a hairy boat.

Today Clare and Ben came to collect Poppy from us at Penkridge. She was delighted to see


Judith Emery said...

Before buying a new Travel Pack Genie check the cost of reconditioning it at Cox Electrical of Atherstone (I think) it could be cheaper than a new one. We had ours done in 2011 and it's still going strong. Not cheap but then nor is a new one. If you have to send the whole system to them split the package in two as carriage cost will be cheaper.
Judith and John
nb Serena

Elsie said...

The control box is fine, just need the generator bit. Decided on a new one as it's quicker but will get old one reconditioned as a spare at Atherstone.The generator bit now is a reconditioned one done by them. Thanks for reminding us where we had the reconditioning done....knew it was on the Coventry Canal. Elsie x

Elsie said...

We've changed our minds.......going to Atherstone.Elsie x