Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another Day Out Boating

Today we woke to a cold boat, so on went the heating for an hour. It served two purposes as it heated the water for showers and warmed up the boat. Looking at the outdoor thermometer it read 0 degrees and there was still frost on the grass and the boater setting off while we finished breakfast was in shorts and tshirt. I know it warmed up later but brr it was cold.

We had the Adderley flight of five locks to work though which were all half  full due to leaky top gates, but never mind at least there weren't so many today. The dogs stayed on the boat until after the top lock, then they came off for their walk. Lovely sunshine again today and we moored up at Market Drayton. The rings seem to be badly spaced in places so it's not easy to moor up with outward ropes which stop the boat moving, but we found a space we could fit in.

Eric's started his post Winter job of polishing the  boat and done half of one side but it's not the side facing the towpath now. After some Craftmaster Carnuba  Polish it always looks so much better.....a different colour.The unwritten list if jobs is endless but we plan to tackle the roof paintwork this Summer.

We left the dogs onboard and went to the Market in Market Drayton as I wanted some plants for my pot now the daffodils were just leaves. All  planted in my pot now but I'll had to bring it inside at night while we're still having frosts. Also had a haircut in a salon called Lush who were kind enough to fit me in without an appointment.

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